'My daughter has been with Lisa since September 18. She is due to take her Maths GCSE shortly. Lisa has been great with her and brought her up to standard, from previous tests the results have been great. Lisa has been very approachable throughout her time with her. I would definitely recommend Lisa to any future students looking for a Maths tutor.' From Lindsay, Score 5/5, May 2019 (GCSE Maths)

'My daughter was struggling with maths in school (online high school) so she started going to see Lisa for an hourly one to one session every week. Lisa was amazing. She was brilliant at making sense of mathematics and my daughter got an A* for her end of year exam. Definitely recommended, thanks Lisa.' From  Claire, Score 5/5, September 2018 (GCSE Maths)

'Excellent tutor, passionate about helping students achieve their full potential. Highly recommended.' From Dianne, Score 5/5, August 2018 (GCSE Maths)

'Lisa is a very patient tutor, who was able to increase my daughter's confidence and self-belief. She struggled with Maths and was achieving 3s before starting the lessons with Lisa. She has just gained a very good grade in her GCSEs and is absolutely delighted. Thank you!' From Janine, Score 5/5, August 2018 (GCSE Maths)

'We would highly recommend Lisa as a maths tutor.
Lisa has tutored our daughter from Year 9 to Year 11. With Lisa's expert tuition and professionalism , our daughter's confidence and mathematical capabilities have grown during that time . She has achieved her personal goal of a Grade 9 in GCSE Maths and we are confident that without Lisa's tuition our daughter may not have reached her goal. If you are thinking about investing in your child's future education then we would not hesitate to recommend Lisa. Thank you so much Lisa.' From Karen, Score 5/5, September 2017 (GCSE Maths)

'Lisa has been fantastic with my 16 year old daughter who really struggled with Maths. She was convinced she wasn't good at Maths but thanks to Lisa's expert tutoring she passed her GCSE much to her surprise and can now move onto A levels in humanities knowing that she has the required Maths GCSE for her University application.' From Rachael, Score 5/5, September 2017 (GCSE Maths)

'Lisa was honestly the best tutor! She is a highly knowledgeable teacher of Physics and helped my daughter really understand her subject. She was great at explaining everything. She definitely helped my daughter raise her grade GCSE. I would highly recommend Lisa' From Alghamadi, Score 5/5, August 2016 (GCSE Physics)

'Lisa has tutored our daughter for the last two years. When our daughter first began working with Lisa she was working from a below average baseline and had little confidence. What a difference an hour a week with a capable maths tutor makes as our daughter has recently secured a grade B in her GCSE maths -Grade E to Grade B that's some going!! All credit for our daughter's amazing progress goes to Lisa and her patient, friendly, but tenacious teaching style. We are so pleased that we found Lisa, she has been an absolute Godsend! Highly recommended!' From Gail Baker, Score 5/5, August 2016 (GCSE Maths)

'Lisa has supported our daughter with Maths throughout year 11. She made her feel she could ask for help as many times as needed and was always patient and supportive. Our daughter has had several 'eureka' moments with Lisa in which she actually truly understood concepts she has struggled with at school. Lisa definitely motivates her students to believe in themselves and encourages them to reach their full potential. We highly recommend working with Lisa.' From Elly Dolan, Score 5/5, August 2016 (GCSE Maths)

'My daughter has been tutored by Lisa for a year now, we are that impressed by her that we hope to continue as my daughter moves into year 10 in preparation for her GCSE. She recently gained an A* for Maths and is growing in confidence all the time thanks to Lisa's professionalism and approach. Lessons are planned to meet individual needs and very well organised. Lisa is very approachable and worth her weight in gold.' From Karen Williamson, Score 5/5, June 2015, (KS3 and GCSE Maths)

'Fantastic tutor. From day one Lisa made my son feel comfortable, enabling him to get the best from the sessions. Thoroughly organised and professional. Lisa is very approachable and lessons are planned to meet individual needs. I will definitely use Lisa again for my son in the near future. Highly recommended.' From Karen Williamson, Score 5/5, June 2015 (KS2 Maths SATS)
'Absolutely fantastic tutor. Lisa helped me to get 2 A*'s and an A in Maths and science, which allowed me to get into the college I had applied for. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to achieve the best that they can, at any level.' From Jack Mitchell, Score 5/5, August 2015 (GCSE Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths, Additional Maths)
'My daughter has just gained A's in both Physics and Chemistry at GCSE. These are not easy subjects and finding Lisa has made a massive difference. She explains difficult areas and makes the subject become alive and understandable. This has given her confidence and fortunately she covered areas that the school had not and that actually came up in the exam! She has a lovely auora about her and can make anyone feel calm and relaxed and ready to learn. She is a great communicator, organised and efficient and worth her weight in gold! many thanks Lisa', From Tracey Edwards, Score 5/5, August 2014 (GCSE Physics and Chemistry)
'Lisa taught my son and I am so glad I found her. She is highly intelligent and I soon realised my son was in very professional hands which was very comforting as we drove one hour every week sometimes twice a week to get to her. Lisa has a lovely personality and would make anyone feel comfortable the moment you meet her. Her schedule is extremely busy and she is very much in demand. So don't delay if you want to grab a spot in her diary. A very happy family. Worth every penny.' From Yvette, Score 5/5, September 2014 (GCSE Maths, Physics & Chemistry)
'Lisa tutored my daughter, from the first session she installed confidence in Lucy enabling her to believe in herself, she is approachable and extremely professional. My daughter came on in leaps and bounds . Highly recommended.' From Angie Gardner, Score 5/5, August 2014 (GCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry)
'My son saw improved GCSE results - he got an A* in physics and an A in chemistry having underachieved in his mock exams. He liked Lisa straight away and her teaching had an immediate effect on school tests. He can now go on to sixth form with increased confidence and belief in his own abilities.' From Mrs Rayner, Score 5/5, August 2014 (IGCSE Physics and IGCSE Chemistry)
'I would like to say Lisa is a great private tutor. She has helped my son over the last year achieve a C in maths when his last 2 mock exams were grades D and E. Having the one to one sessions with Lisa really helped my son understand certain parts of maths he was struggling with at school. She was very professional and accommodating when I couldn't make certain appointments. I would like to thank Lisa for everything and say if you are looking for a private tutor then I would highly recommend Lisa.' From Donna Reavey, August 2014 (GCSE Maths)
'Lisa was a Brilliant tutor for my son. Andy found her to be a very good teacher with a wealth of experience. Andy found the sessions to be helpful as he prepared to sit his GCSE science.
Many thanks Lisa' From Margaret Lovick, Score 5/5, September 2013 (GCSE Physics and Chemistry)
'With thanks & gratitude for your excellent tutoring, this combined with Imogen's hard work has been reflected in her GCSE results - an 'A' in Mathematics(Higher), 'B' Science & 'C' in Additional Science. This time last year she had really 'lost her way' with her studies but with your personal approach, guidance & support you gave Imogen the renewed interest & confidence to achieve...without hesitation we would recommend you, thank you' From Mrs Bird, August 2013 (GCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry)
'Lisa is very approachable, we have built up a good relationship as a result she has built up my confidence on the areas in which I felt lacking.' From Harriet Talbott, April 2013, Score 5/5, (A-Level Physics)
'Right from the beginning Lisa was professional and friendly and continues to be so. Although it is early days I do feel that my daughter is already benefiting from Lisa's input.
Highly recommended!' From Angela Gardner, March 2013, score 5/5 (GCSE Maths, Physics, Chemistry)
'Excellent knowledge, very good teacher, highly professional'
From Athena Thornley, Score 5/5, November 2012, (A-Level Physics)
'I would definitely recommend Lisa as a tutor, she helped me gain a grade A in a-Level Physics. Lisa is extremely good at making the understanding of Physics easier and will happily explain principles thoroughly until you understand. Lisa also provided lots of past exam papers which i found extremely helpful. Lisa is also very easy to get along with and very welcoming.' From Lee, August 2012 (A-level Physics)
'Lisa has been working with our 15 year old son to prepare him for his maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs as well as helping him to master some study skills and to be better organised in his school work and homework. He has shown significant improvement in a very short space of time with Lisa's support. He enjoys his lessons and has gained a better, more in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Lisa is reliable, friendly and flexible in her ability to cover a broad range of subjects. I would recommend Lisa without hesitation. From Teresa Mullen, Score 5/5, August 2012, (GCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry)
'Lisa coached our grammar school student son during the last two months of his GCSE physics study and made a real improvement to his level of understanding. I know that the tutoring will have definitely improved his grade.
We found her to be polite, understanding and easy to work with. My son felt at ease with her and she was flexible and able to accommodate our needs at short notice. I would definitely recommend her.' From Ian Biddle, July 2012 (GCSE Physics)
 'Three months ago our son was struggling with AS Level Physics. Lisa's organised approach has given him the confidence to tackle the subject and hopefully achieve a very good grade. Highly recommended. Louise.' From Louise, June 2012 Score 5/5 (A-Level Physics)
 'Always punctual and worked hard with our son on improving his Physics.' From Christine Baxter, June 2012, Score 5/5 (A-Level Physics)
'So far so good! George is really enjoying his lessons which is great as he had been put off Maths by an uninspiring teacher at school.
Keep up the good work.' From Bridget, May 2012, Score 5/5 (GCSE Maths, OCR)
'Many thanks to Lisa for working with both my teenage girls who have differing abilites. Lisa was able to identify their individual needs and provide work which supported their learning styles and range of understanding.' From LG, 3.1.12. Score 5/5' (GCSE Physics and Chemistry, AQA)