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First Class Degree - BSc(Hons) Physics with Astrophysics, Manchester University (2000)

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I am a 43 year old graduate having obtained a First Class degree with Honours in Physics with Astrophysics from Manchester University. My academic achievements have given me an excellent understanding and passion for Maths and Science which is the foundation for my tutoring approach.

I enjoy sharing this enthusiasm for Maths and Science with my students which helps build their confidence, knowledge and enjoyment of the subjects.

Having spent over 10 years in industry as a Technical Manager and Technical Consultant I am able to draw upon the experience of the real-world use of Maths and Science when tutoring.

My main passion is in teaching and helping others achieve their potential and for the last 10 years I have been working as a Private Tutor based in Broughton, Brigg, North Lincolnshire.

Tutoring Experience

Having a deep understanding of Maths and Science has enabled me to successfully tutor GCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry to students since leaving University and 10 years ago I left industry to tutor students full time.

I teach students from a wide geographical area with differing abilities and as such I am expert in teaching the requirements for the following exam boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR and Cambridge for GCSE and International GCSE.

In addition to GCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry i have also tutored in the following areas:

  • Tutoring trainee teachers to successfully complete their QTS skills test
  • Maths required for Engineering degrees
  • Final year drug calculation exams for Undergraduate Nursing
  • GRE exams in quantitative reasoning required for PhD entrance to the USA
  • Military numeracy tests

I am able to relate to people of all ages with experience of teaching children from 13 years old up to adults. 

Tutoring Approach

I am a patient and methodical person who starts by assessing the understanding and capabilities of the tutee which enables me to provide bespoke lessons. I believe in teaching and strengthening the fundamental concepts and my detailed knowledge of the subjects allows me to adapt during any lessons to meet the tutees specific needs.

I can provide week by week tutoring including early exam preparation and practice. I aim to ensure each student progresses in their chosen subject and achieves results which reflect the best of their ability.

I have an excellent track record for achieving target grades and beyond which is a reflection of the students efforts and my own.

Latest Client Reviews

'Lisa was an amazing maths tutor who, over the years of tutoring me, helped me to achieve the final grades that I needed for college. She was very friendly, whilst also professional and taught me in a way which was easy to understand and remember. Would highly recommend ☺️' From Maddie, Score 5/5, August 2021 (GCSE Maths)

A very kind lady ! Easy to talk to which made my daughter immediately warm to her and everything everything went very smoothly! Wish we had engaged in her services earlier! Highly recommended! From Esther, Score 5/5, August 2021 (GCSE Maths)

'Lisa helped bump up my grade, in maths, in a matter of months! Very helpful and kind teaching' From Eva, Score 5/5, August 2021 (GCSE Maths)

'Excellent tutor who delivers good results! As Lisa is sought after we were lucky to get a slot. She managed to help boost maths grades for gcse.' From Alison, Score 5/5, August 20021 (GCSE Maths)

'Lisa is an excellent tutor. Perhaps an unusual student, Lisa tutored me for the quantitative section on the GRE exam to enable me to do a PhD in the USA. Having not studied maths formally for 6 years, before Lisa the exam was a real struggle, but she was able to break down difficult topics, some that I wasn’t able to do in school, and simplify a subject that I’ve always struggled with. Her best attribute is her adaptability, whenever I couldn’t understand the first explanation, she was able to re-explain it and eventually everything became clear. Thank you for all the help! From Daniel, Score 5/5, November 2020 (PhD Entrance Exams)'

'I would highly recommend Lisa as a tutor. I have been most impressed with the way in which she has mentored our daughter to achieve top grade 9 in GCSE maths. Subsequently we retained her for the next 3 years for our son who also achieved top grade 9 in maths . Always professional and an excellent tutor and always happy to assist with any queries you may have . A massive thank you to Lisa we wish you well for the future' From Tim, Score 5/5, September 2020  (GCSE Maths and Further Maths)

'Lisa was excellent. She made my daughter enjoy Maths again. She is very professional and an excellent teacher. Thank you to her.' From Tina, Score 5/5, April 2020 (GCSE Maths)

'HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Our daughter  maths, chemistry & physics & she wanted us to look for a suitable tutor for her. We were fortunate enough to find Lisa!
Our daughter’s journey
* lacking in mathematical confidence, with a predicted grade 4 our daughter ended up achieving a glowing grade 7 at GCSE!
* she was originally going to take the dual science award but ended up taking the 3 individual sciences at GCSE & has predicted grades of 7 & 8’s.
Lisa is incredibly patient, calm, reassuring & also happy to student lead. If our daughter hadn’t grasped a particular concept Lisa just kept going over it using a different approach until the penny dropped! Lisa is a kind, highly intelligent , lovely lady that really cares about her students & their progress - she is everything any student or parent could wish for!
We highly recommend Lisa to anyone that is looking for a extraordinarily good tutor - there are not many Lisa’s around!
We can not thank her enough.' From Rachel, Score 5/5, March 2020 (IGCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry)

'Lisa was an excellent tutor. Very patient with our maths hating daughter and built her confidence and attainment considerably. Would highly recommend.' From Alison, Score 5/5, March 2020  (GCSE Maths)

'Lisa helped me to prepare for my 3rd Year nursing maths exam. She has helped to improve my confidence and has taught me new skills that I can take into my career. I would highly recommend Lisa to other nursing students struggling with maths and drug calculations.' From Lily, Score 5/5, October 2019  (Undergraduate Nursing, Maths)

'My daughter started with Lisa with no confidence in her maths whatsoever. To hear her say that maths was one of her most comfortable subjects by the time the exams came around was amazing. My daughter achieved a grade higher than what she had been predicted at the start of the school year. Achieved by her own hard work and determination along with the expert teaching and support from Lisa. My daughter always felt comfortable with Lisa and her style of teaching. Massive thank you for all your help.' From Tracy, Score 5/5, August 2019 (GCSE Maths)

'A patient and knowledgeable teacher, Lisa has helped me improve my grades in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Having recently received my GCSE results, I can safely say that her efficient style of teaching has enable me to achieve grades I never thought possible. I would recommend Lisa to any student hoping to improve their grades.
Thanks Lisa!' From William, Score 5/5, August 2019 (GCSE Physics, Chemistry & Maths)

'Definitely recommend Lisa, she brought my daughter up to standard for her GCSE’s lovely lady and a great tutor.' From Lindsay, Score 5/5, August 2019 (GCSE Maths)

'We are pleased that we managed to get Lisa to teach maths to our daughter. She has been fantastic and has a clear way of explaining Maths. Lisa has encouraged and helped our daughter gain confidence in the subject. Lisa is enabling her to excel to her full potential and we would recommended Lisa.' From Yasmin, Score 5/5 (KS3 Maths)

'We are really pleased we found Lisa! She has a clear way of explaining Physics and her encouraging and positive manner helped our daughter regain her confidence with the subject. Lisa set homework each week to help consolidate learning and was also very accommodating before a set of exams, moving a lesson to suit our daughter’s exam timetable. Lisa is quick to reply to any enquiries and questions and has provided feedback about our daughter’s progress. Thank you Lisa.' From Hannah, Score 5/5, May 2019 (GCSE Physics)

'My daughter has been with Lisa since September 18. She is due to take her Maths GCSE shortly. Lisa has been great with her and brought her up to standard, from previous tests the results have been great. Lisa has been very approachable throughout her time with her. I would definitely recommend Lisa to any future students looking for a Maths tutor.' From Lindsay, Score 5/5, May 2019 (GCSE Maths)

'My daughter was struggling with maths in school (online high school) so she started going to see Lisa for an hourly one to one session every week. Lisa was amazing. She was brilliant at making sense of mathematics and my daughter got an A* for her end of year exam. Definitely recommended, thanks Lisa.' From  Claire, Score 5/5, September 2018 (GCSE Maths)

'Excellent tutor, passionate about helping students achieve their full potential. Highly recommended.' From Dianne, Score 5/5, August 2018 (GCSE Maths)

We highly recommend Lisa as a maths tutor. With only a year of tutoring she has helped our daughter raise her attainment level & grow in confidence. We are delighted with her recent gcse grade in maths and can't thank Lisa enough. We have now enrolled our son for maths tuition. From Emma, Score 5/5, August 2018 (GCSE Maths)

'Lisa is a very patient tutor, who was able to increase my daughter's confidence and self-belief. She struggled with Maths and was achieving 3s before starting the lessons with Lisa. She has just gained a very good grade in her GCSEs and is absolutely delighted. Thank you!' From Janine, Score 5/5, August 2018 (GCSE Maths)


Mathematics - GCSE, Adult Learners

Physics - GCSE,  Adult Learners

Chemistry - GCSE, Adult Learners

Nursing Degrees - Drug Calculations

Teacher Training - QTS Skills Test

GRE exam - Quantitative reasoning - for PhD entrance to USA

Miscellaneous Higher Studies and Tests

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